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Community Hockey FAQs / Information for Parents / Guardians

Thank you for considering the Orangeville Girls Hockey Association (Orangeville Tigers) for your athlete’s hockey program. OGHA is a volunteer run hockey organization and is aligned with the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA). We strive to provide a safe and fun experience for your athlete where they can develop to their full potential. This document is intended to answer some of the basic questions that you may have if your family is considering joining the Orangeville Tigers. 

1. For what ages do you offer Community Hockey (formerly referred to as "House League)?

This is generally from age 4 to 18, based upon their year of birth when registering. We offer hockey programs within the FUNdamentals, U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, and U18 divisions. We merge the minors and majors in each age division. Minors are lower of the 2 age groups while majors are the older of the 2 age groups in each division. Each division will consist of several teams from Orangeville and sometimes from surrounding areas.


Age Limit

Birth Years


4 & 5 years as of Dec 31

2019 & 2020


6 years as of Dec 31



7 & 8 years as of Dec. 31

2016 & 2017


9 & 10 years as of Dec. 31

2014 & 2015


11 & 12 years as of Dec. 31

2012 & 2013


13 & 14 years as of Dec. 31

2010 & 2011


15, 16 & 17 years as of Dec 31

2007, 2008 & 2009 

2. How do I register?

Register your athlete via 
OGHA website AND via the RAMP registration system. The RAMP system will ask for some details about you/your athlete including contact information (address, email, phone), athlete’s birth date/name/position (goalie/player)). You will need to electronically sign a code of conduct and review and electronically sign the Rowan’s Law concussion policy. You will receive a confirmation code via email. Once you have this code proceed to fill out the player registration on our website. You will find payment instructions for the season fees in our websites registration form

3. Where are the arenas? What days do we play/practice?

The OGHA uses both Tony Rose Memorial Arena and Alder Recreation Centre for practices and home games. In most divisions there will be local travel for league games (Caledon, Brampton, Tottenham, North Halton and Mississauga). 
Community Hockey players can expect one practice a week and one game on the weekend. 
 Days and times for practices will be set as soon as the town assigns the ice time. As soon as the Orangeville Tigers are aware of the days and times for each division they will be posted on the website. We cannot take requests for specific days or times for ice allocation. 

4. What equipment is required?  

Your athlete will need full hockey equipment, including hockey skates and gloves, a CSA approved caged or full visor helmet, neck guard, shoulder and elbow pads, shin guards, hockey pants, hockey socks, jill, hockey stick.

A mouth guard is recommended but not required. 

Goalie equipment will be provided by the Orangeville Tigers to athletes interested in playing the position but do not have their own equipment.

Properly fitted hockey equipment is essential to ensure your athlete is properly protected on the ice. Please visit a business that can assist with sizing if you are unsure how the equipment should fit, such as Sandersons Source for Sports

It is advised that you have a jersey/pair of hockey socks as well to start the season if this is your first-time playing hockey and do not have prior jerseys/socks to utilize. Athletes will be provided with a jersey and socks once teams are selected.

5. Does my child need to know how to skate?

For our FUNdamentals program, prior skating experience is not required.

For U7, it is recommended that your athlete has been on skates, on ice, and is comfortable in their equipment prior to their first session. Skating instruction is part of the program.

 For U9 and up, it is recommended that your athlete be able to skate forward and stop, and has attempted to skate backwards. If your athlete is new to skating, additional hockey development or power skating lessons are recommended. The OGHA will provide an optional hockey development program, at an additional cost and time, for Community Hockey players who are interested. Coaches will work with all athletes at all levels of play to help them develop and have fun! 

6. What are the fees associated with Community Hockey?



Registration Fees*


Registration Fees*

Community Hockey

Before September 1

After September 1

 FUNdamentals  $175  $175



















 Senior Rec  $375  $425

*All fees must be paid by September 1 2024 to take advantage of our Early Bird Rates. 
Note: An athlete is not covered by insurance and will not be permitted on the ice until payment is made.

What is the commitment?

Head Coaches make a huge time commitment to their team and hope that the players make an effort to commit to the scheduled ice times. Usually, there are two ice times per week of one hour each ice time. For most age levels there is a practice and a game each week, for the older age groups (e.g., U18 and Senior REc) there is one game per week and no practices. Please let the head coach know as soon as possible if your athlete cannot attend a game or practice. 

 House league teams may register for tournaments and usually register for 1-3 tournaments per season. The Orangeville Tigers Winter Classic Tournament is a recommended tournament for all eligible OGHA teams. This tournament is usually the first weekend in February. The coach may register teams for 1 or 2 away tournaments that may require some travel of and overnight hotel stays. If your athlete cannot attend a tournament, you need to inform the coach as soon as possible. 

Who are the Head Coaches?

The head coaches are volunteers and must adhere to OWHA guidelines for training courses specific to the level they are coaching. They also take mandatory training programs to ensure a safe environment for your athlete. All coaches must also have completed the Respect in Sports course and have a vulnerable sector check. 

9. I'm interested in Coaching a House League Team; how can I get involved?

If you are interested in being involved in Coaching/Assistant Coaching or taking on another role on a Community Hockey team, please complete the Community Hockey Coaching Application by September 16 2024. This is found on the Orangeville Tigers website or click here.


How are teams selected?

For U9 and up, there a will be 2 evaluation sessions at the beginning of the season. After the last session, the athletes will be placed on teams by the head coaches and convenor/communtiy hockey director using the results of the evaluation sessions. The coaches will select teams in manner that ensures the teams are balanced across the division to the best of their abilities. Each team will have players with various levels of hockey skill and experience. This is intended to make the teams even in skill set. Requests to be on the same team as a friend or family member may be made to the community hockey director or convener, but we do not guarantee these requests can be accommodated.

11. When does the House League Season Start?  

The 2024-2025 Community Hockey Season starts in late September und runs until the end of March. There is usually no hockey during Winter break or March break. 

Should you have any further questions, please use the following Inquiry Form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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