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The Orangeville Girls Hockey Association will be holding Competitive (Rep) tryouts this April, 2024 for U9 - U18. We want to make sure everyone is aware of some important information and some of the policies and rules that regulate tryouts.  Please read the information carefully.  Contact the OGHA Executive if you have any questions.


IN RAMPAll players MUST be registered in RAMP (Available Participant Packages). This is to ensure players are insured before they step on the ice.  
If you played with the Orangeville Tigers this past season, you will still need to register in RAMP.  No permission to skate (PTS) form is required for players who played for the Tigers during the 2023/2024 season.  
If you played with another organization this past season you MUST register in RAMP and bring a signed Permission to Tryout form (paper copy) specific to the Orangeville Tigers with you to tryouts and hand it in at the registration table.  The Tigers must keep Permission to Tryout forms on file.

ON OUR WEBSITE: All players MUST be registered on our website to tryout.  This is to ensure that we have an accurate count and that we can create tryout lists on our website well in advance of each tryout session.

** All players must be registered in RAMP, registered on the Tigers website and have their tryout fees paid before stepping on the ice for tryouts **


$100 for U9 and U11 (as it includes 4 prep skates mandated by the OWHA)
Birth Years: U9 (2016, 2017), U11(2014, 2015)

$60 for U13, U15, and U18
Birth Years: U13 (2012, 2013), U15 (2010, 2011), U18 (2007, 2008, 2009)

These payments cover all tryouts in each division (BB and B tryouts).  A second payment is not required if players are not successful at BB tryouts, for instance.  
The OGHA will only accept etransfers.  Etransfers must be made before the player steps on the ice for the first tryout.

E-transfers should be sent to:  [email protected]

The security question is:  Name of the Game

The answer to the security question MUST BE:  hockey

MUST ADD the Name of the Player registered and the Tryout Division in the message box so we apply the payment to the correct player (e.g., Jane Doe, U15 Tryouts 2024)


Any player who played for the Tigers in 2023/2024 that wishes to participate in tryouts in any other OWHA centre MUST request a Permission To Tryout form from our Director of Competitive Hockey, Paul Mammoliti.  Separate PTT forms are required for each centre that a player wants to visit for tryouts (e.g., a player wishing to tryout in Brampton and Grand River must request 2 separate forms; one for each centre).  
In order to receive a PTT and subsequent Release from the OGHA, a player must be in good standing with the OGHA.  All fees owing to their team and the OGHA must be paid in full. 

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to have your PTT form processed.  Email Paul Mammoliti.  He will complete each request in a timely manner.
As per OWHA rules:  No player may participate in any OWHA sanctioned activity with a team other than her own team unless she has a properly executed Permission to Tryout form or a Release from her current association.  Failure to comply will result in a minimum two (2) game suspension for the offending player and/or head coach.


Parents and guardians have asked about the tryout procedure for divisions that have a second tier competitive team (B team).  Based on the OGHA constitution, note the following:

Part III, Regulations and Rules, Competitive Team Selection, Sentence 6:

When participating in Competitive Tryouts, the player must try out for the highest level in the division first (BB) or seek an exemption from the Competitive Director.

The reasons for having this in our constitution are as follows:
1.  We strive to have the strongest and most qualified players at the highest level team.
2.  Decisions for a second team (B) are based on the number of players attending the tryouts for the highest level.  This allows the association to know if there is a demand for a second team.
3. Coaching selections for a second team (B) are made based on players attending the tryouts for the highest level.
Exemptions may only be offered by the Tigers (Director of Competitive Hockey, Paul Mammoliti) following a conversation with the parents/guardians of the players requesting an exemption.


The OGHA accepted coaching applications for B teams earlier in the 2023/2024 season. Coaching selections will be based on interviews and the players who are unsuccessful at BB tryouts.

If a player wishes to try out for a team in a higher age division, they must ask for an exemption from the Director of Competitive Hockey, Paul Mammoliti, prior to the first tryout.  

Exemptions may only be offered by the Tigers (Director of Competitive Hockey, Paul Mammoliti) following a conversation with the parents/guardians of the players requesting an exemption.

According to the OGHA Constitution, a player trying out for a team of a higher age division must be ranked in the top five players of that higher-age level (either one of the top three forwards, one of the top two defense players, or the top goalie) in order to be signed to the higher age division team. 

Tryout registration closes Monday, April 15 at 7:00pm

Orangeville Girls Hockey Association Executive